Coolcept Flex XL

Coolcept flex XL

Thanks to its broad input voltage range and different power classes, the coolcept fleX XL is suited for almost all forms of equipment. The coolcept fleX XL provides a product range of 4.2 – 10 kW and contains two MPP trackers.

Coolcept flex3

The coolcept inverter topology was implemented in the single-phase StecaGrid inverters for the first time and achieved maximum efficiency thanks to the innovative circuit. The three-phase coolcept³-fleX inverters also enjoy the advantages of this circuit.

Imagen Coolcept
Imagen Coolcept

Coolcept flex 2mpp-tracker

Reliable technology – even more versatile With coolcept fleX Steca introduces the successor generation to the established coolcept-topology. Coolcept fleX offers a creative energy concept for any modern home.

Coolcept flex 1mpp-tracker

What is coolcept fleX? The brand-new electronic platform is being used as the technological heart of the next generation of solar electronics and connects photovoltaics-based power generation, load management, and even e-mobility for the first time ever.

Imagen Coolcept