Coolcept flex XL

Thanks to its broad input voltage range and different power classes, the coolcept fleX XL is suited for almost all forms of equipment. The coolcept fleX XL provides a product range of 4.2 – 10 kW and contains two MPP trackers. This broad voltage and current range thus makes all arrangements easily possible. Maximum yields can be achieved as a result using innovative shadow management. Through the high flexibility of the coolcept fleX XL almost any photovoltaics system can be fitted with this Steca inverter.

Simply more communicative The large number of communication interfaces renders further components for monitoring unnecessary. In addition, the coolcept fleX XL supports the advanced technologies which are found in the smart home area.

  • Display, data logger, system monitoring, network and control response interfaces are integrated as standard.
  • Local and mobile system monitoring via PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Free-of-charge solar portal – Steca sunCloud – for monitoring of the PV system. 
  • Commissioning, configuration and display of graphically arranged yield data directly via the inverter display.
  • Connection of an external energy meter as an option.
  • EEBus and Sunspec for smart home integration.
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Imagen Coolcept XL
Imagen Coolcept XL

Simply more comfortable

The design of the coolcept fleX XL was conceived with comfortable, safe installation and operation in mind.

  • Ergonomic grip rails for easy handling.
  • Front-fitted, robust circuit breaker with an easy-to-read switching status.
  • Safe installation due to a clear, separate terminal compartment and protected power electronics.
  • Tool-free installation of the PV plug thanks to Phoenix SUNCLIX.
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