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The coolcept inverter topology was implemented in the single-phase StecaGrid inverters for the first time and achieved maximum efficiency thanks to the innovative circuit. The three-phase coolcept³-fleX inverters also enjoy the advantages of this circuit. The three-phase topology is fully reactive-current capable and thus also prepared for future requirements.

The advantage of three-phase feed-in is that the solar power produced is always distributed symmetrically over all three grid conductors and fed into the public grid. This is the case with these inverters over the entire power range. The symmetrical feed-in is entirely in the interest of the energy supply companies and also corresponds to the three-phase consumption in the household.

The very high efficiency results in a peak efficiency of 98.6%, which means that less power loss has to be generated and dissipated to the environment. These are your yield advantages. Since a threephase feed-in feeds energy into the grid on at least two phases at any time, intermediate energy storage in the device – as is the case with single-phase feed-in – is not necessary. Thus the coolcept³-fleX inverters completely dispense with the electrolytic capacitors required for intermediate storage, which can influence the service life of an electronic device through possible drying out. When using coolcept³-fleX inverters, the plant operator therefore has the prospect of a long service life. 

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The advantages of coolcept flex inverters

  • coolcept fleX is flexible.
  • Multiple MPP trackers allow handling simple or even complicated module fields
  • coolcept fleX is tough und uncomplicated.
  • Indoor and outdoor installation is enabled by a robust IP65-casing. However, the product line is not only one of the lightest in its class, but is also very easy to install too.
  • coolcept fleX is future-proof.Steca is offering an integrated, future-proof concept for energy ge-neration, consumption, storage and feeding for the modern home of tomorrow.
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