Solar-powered Steca PF 166-H freezer receives Global Leap Award 2019

Memmingen friendliness and thus also supports the energy needs of households and companies with poor or no supplies, is worthy of an award. KATEK Memmingen GmbH has received the Global Leap Award 2019 for its Steca PF 166-H freezer.

On the very introduction of its Steca PF 166-H and Steca PF 240-H the Allgäu-based electronics specialist set a new benchmark for off-grid refrigerators and freezers. The freezers have already been switched to using the R290 refrigerant, making them even more climate-friendly. The PF 166-H only requires 60 watt-hours per day and is thus considerably more economical in terms of consumption than conventional freezers. In addition, it offers the best value for money. The winning product, PF 166-H, uses a var-iable-speed compressor. Through the automatic regulation of its performance speed, energy, and thus emissions, can be reduced and saved.

“Due to ecological aspects, the use of natural coolants is rapidly increasing worldwide. In addition, regulations have come into force in many countries which forbid the use of certain environmentally-harmful refrigerants. Steca has committed itself to using high-performance natural coolants that do not damage the ozone layer and have practically no effects on global warming. “

The Global LEAP Awards, an initiative of the Efficiency for Access Coalition with support from UK Aid and Power Africa, are an inter-national competition that identifies and promotes the worldwide best and most energy-efficient off-grid refrigerators for their compatibility with off-grid solar systems.

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